Hello world!

Published November 1, 2011 by transfeminists
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Dear colleagues/ friends/ allies/ donors/ supporters and family

It is with delight that we inform you of the establishment of a feminist forum that will advocate for transgender women at the feminist table. There is an increased need for advocacy around the issues that affect this vulnerable group. There are LGBTI feminist organisations, of which very few involve transgender women actively in programming and other issues. It is with this view in mind that I saw fit to make room for transgender women at the feminist table. We are hoping for this establishment to achieve the following:

–        Create visibility of transgender women in feminist circles;

–        To explore the social issues and barriers affecting transgender women within the communities in which they live;

–        To research the health issues affecting transgender women and advocate for safe and acceptable healthcare standards by working all relevant stakeholders in the provision of such service.

–        This forum will engage all relevant stakeholders in ensuring that transgender women claim their citizenship.

Our vision for this coalition of support:

To create visibility of transgender women in feminist circles. Taking an Anarcho-feminist approach to fighting patriarchal systems in Africa and creating a support and development network for transgender women in Africa.


We can only achieve this vision through one approach: by working with existing organisations to ensure that we can achieve this vision we set for ourselves. In forming links with existing organisations we can ensure that our partner organisations include transgender female-specific programming to ensure that we track, monitor and evaluate all aspects of life affecting transgender women.


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